A Different Kind of Valentine

I just spent an hour reading Valentine’s Day cards in a couple stores today. I am quite sure that I will be seeing red hearts when I close my eyes tonight.








Spending an hour looking at greeting cards might sound painful to you. But that’s not the pitiful part. The sad thing is that I did not find a card for my husband, after all that.

But I have an idea:
[Click HERE to continue reading the article at StartMarriageRight.com.]

Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

2 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Valentine

  1. Love this Tami, Thanks for sending. We do forget that men are all about R-E-S-P-E-C-T. (sock it to me, sock it to me) lol

    Since it is also our 30th Anniversary, it puts a little more pressure on me to get the words right. And especially under these circumstances. I believe that the Lord will give me just what is needed.

    Angie >

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