She Had Every Reason to Leave

Vicki Rose had every earthly reason to leave her broken marriage.

But she discovered that she had an even greater reason to stay.

Vicki explains this in her new book, entitled, EveryReasontoLeaveCover
Every Reason to Leave: And Why We Chose to Stay Together,
published by Moody. Vicki shares not only the reason to stay that trumped all else, but she also shares the important steps to take that enable husbands and wives to stay and that allow marriages to mend.

Although the book is easy to read, it is packed with powerful truth. Vicki simply tells the story of her life, but because she has allowed God to be the Author, it is an incredible story of reconciliation and transformation, the kind that only God can perform. The restoration of the Roses’ marriage showcases the healing power of God.  The changes that God sculpted in the lives of Vicki and her husband are so profound and dramatic that they offer strong hope to readers who are struggling with their own reasons to leave.

This book depicts for us, first, the emptiness and dark futility of lives and marriages existing apart from God. But then we witness the abundance and rich fulfillment that is found through a wholehearted pursuit of God.

Vicki’s central premise is that the key to joy in life and to success in marriage is to “seek first the kingdom of God.” This book is full of Scripture, which is the only unfailing source of the guidance, strength, and comfort that we need.

My heart resonates with Vicki’s when she says that she wants to encourage others to “seek God for restoration and victory,” whether they are married, separated, or even divorced. Vicki says to her readers, “I want to cheer you on to prevent the regret that comes from walking away from something God can heal.”  Count me in on that cheering, too!

Cheering for you in your marriage,

*Interested in a free copy of Every Reason to Leave? Everyone who leaves a comment on this post will be entered into a drawing for one copy of the book, compliments of Moody Publishers. The winner will be announced next week.

If you win, you will need to email your mailing address to me—so be sure to check back next week!


6 thoughts on “She Had Every Reason to Leave

  1. I am so desperate to read this book, however, reason we sometime quit the fight before we can actually win it, because we are trying to compare your pain and suffering to the Christ Jesus pain and death on the cross for us. Let go and let God! Surrender all to Him and trust Him.


  2. WOW! This is exactly what all of us and society need to
    hear with our hearts not just ears. When the Lord is in the midst of ANTHING, miracles happen and harmony and peace sweep the room. Just because some things are possible or premissible doesn’t necessarily mean they are best. The Lord calls us and leads us in the direction that is BEST for us. Not the most popular. But, rest assured; if He asks us to stay, as in this story, He will bring us through if we will trust and learn of Him as we go along.
    The journey may not be easy but, it will be MORE than worth it. He has a plan.
    In His Arms
    Angie H.


  3. Yes! Thank you, Angie. Your words have great value because you have put your life behind them–that is, you are walking your talk (just like Wendy and Brent), and I salute you for that.
    I love that you are not looking for loopholes and outs; you are looking for every way to press in deeper and closer to Christ. There is nothing better.
    Hang on. You are about to be dazzled.


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