Why Eve Came from Adam’s Rib

We can call bitter “sweet,” if we want. That’s nothing new.  bitterBut this semantic violence fails to produce anything more than confused thinking: changing labels does not change essence.

If we call homosexual union “a marriage,” then we need another word for this: God’s design for one man and one woman to reflect the harmonized diversity within God’s one essence and to reflect the creative power of that unity.

The Biblical definition of marriage is much more than a legally recognized relationship of emotional and sexual attachment. Marriage was designed to reflect the very nature of God.

1040039_shoesGod’s image is uniquely reflected in the union of male and female because the fullness of the Godhead encompases both expressions. It is ironic that the homosexual community promotes the word “diversity” because a core problem with homosexual union is its lack of that very thing.  The beauty of both musical and marital harmony lies in the rich complementing of differing notes and genders, not identical ones.

Why did God create Eve from the side of Adam? There was purpose in that: since Eve came from Adam, their union was able to represent oneness instead of “twoness.”

2 thoughts on “Why Eve Came from Adam’s Rib

  1. Awsome! The Creation of Eve from Adam’s rib representing oneness. That is GREAT!
    Our Lord knew that there would be such question and controversy over these topics when he was creating and long before.
    What a wonderful creator, to leave such profound truth in plain and simple sight. Yet, we miss it because we don’t seek it from Him. The answers to all our questions are truly in His WORD. Nuggets, waiting to be discovered.
    Thank you Tami for shedding light once again.


  2. Wonderful insight and so richly stated. We love your writings. Thank you so much for sharing them with us. Love to all, S. J


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