Seen Any Pictures of Worship Lately?

How can we best understand the essence of worship? There may be no better illustration of spiritual worship than physical marriage. What marriage is between a man and woman is what worship is between God and His people. Although marriage and worship may be expressed in and enhanced by activity, both marriage and worship are primarily matters of relationship.

In marriage, I choose a man to be my husband, I commit to belonging to him, I celebrate him, and I value him above all else. This tells me what it means to worship God! To worship God is to choose Him to be my God, to commit to belonging to Him, to celebrate Him, and to value Him above all else.

In our marriages, we love by serving eagerly, by giving ourselves for another’s delight, and by delighting in another. We live lives of worship as we serve God eagerly, give ourselves to Him for His delight, and delight in Him.

Marriage is how we participate in an intimate covenant relationship with another human being; worship is how we participate in an intimate covenant relationship with God.

5 thoughts on “Seen Any Pictures of Worship Lately?

  1. I appreciate your comments, Tammy. I just finished reading an article online by Dr. Juli Slattery from Focus on the Family which mentioned this very idea of worship.


  2. What a beautiful picture! Thank you, Tami, for always sharing the wisdom of our Awesome God! I really appreciate the recommended readings too. I love reading about what God is doing in and through His people!


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