The Best Foundation for Marriage

What creates the strongest base for an enduring, successful marriage?

We try to build our marriages on all kinds of things: on romance, on pleasure, on personal fulfillment, on financial gain, … but our success rate is not very good.

The best foundation is actually so solid that it has two layers:
1) a reliance upon Christ to meet our needs, and
2) a commitment to serve our spouses.

Click to read more: “The Double-Layered Foundation for Marriage.”

Blessings to you,

2 thoughts on “The Best Foundation for Marriage

  1. Dear Tami –

    Thanks for another super post. Truly those are two foundation items.

    What would you think of another one –united in a great purpose?

    With love,

    Aunt Valetta

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    • Thank you for your comment, Aunt Valetta, and thank you for the excellent suggestion of a third layer in the foundation of marriage: united in a great purpose. That reminds me of Francis and Lisa Chan’s book “You and Me Forever” with its theme of couples serving Christ together.

      Many are discouraged that their spouses are not joining them to serve Christ. I want to encourage them that their own trust in Christ and obedience to Him continue to give a strong basis to their marriages.

      But I also heartily agree with you and want to join you in encouraging couples to seek fulfillment and true joy by seeking the Kingdom together.

      Thanks again for your wise and helpful comment.

      Much love,


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