Who is Getting Your Crumbs?

Are you giving your spouse your best “bread” or the leftover “crumbs”?

When Jesus spoke with the Greek woman about the children’s bread and the pet dogs under the table, He was not belittling her; He was explaining His priorities and being faithful to His calling.

Our spouses are our first priority and our highest calling. We want to give our best attention and energy to our spouses.

Who is getting your best “bread”?

2 thoughts on “Who is Getting Your Crumbs?

  1. Dear Tami, We pray your classes are going well and you have sensed the Lord’s special touch.

    We see your love for Jesus and family in all you write.  Thanks for sending it on– We thank the Lord for your dedicated life. Love, Aunt Valetta    “Surely your goodness and unfailing love will pursue me all the days of my life.” (WOW) ps.23.6 LB



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